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Start the Advising Process

Bates students interested in learning more about off-campus study opportunities should complete an Advising Registration by selecting the appropriate button below:
Start an Advising Registration   Return to Existing Advising Registration


1) Select the button above related to where you are in the process:​
Option 1: Select Start an Advising Registration above to begin. You will be prompted sign in if you are not already.
​​Option 2: Select Return to an Existing Advising Application to go to your Applicant home page. Then select the Advising program from your list of registrations.
2) After you have completed your Advising steps, you can schedule an appointment (via BatesReach) to meet with an advisor in the Center for Global Education (Jen Hyde or Darren Gallant).

3) After meeting with your advisor, and once you have selected your top choice program, you can go to the Program Info tab within your Advising registration and select that program (upwards arrow) to move on to the next steps for that specific program. After this, you will see your registration in your Applicant home has been updated to that specific off-campus study program.

Students applying for Off-Campus Study Short Term programs do not need to complete an advising registration before starting a program-specific registration. Apply directly within the program page by selecting 'Apply Now'.